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Corporate Gifting

Whether you’re looking to buy for your next corporate event, your clients, or the entire office, Tesalate towels will make a valued gift.

Orders between

10 to 100 towels

If you’re looking to buy between 10 and 100 towels, use our discount code below and get 20% off!


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Fine print - not for resale

Our gifting discount is not meant for resale. By using the discount code, you’re agreeing not to sell any Tesalate products and only use them as a gift.

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Larger discount, fast turn around

100 to 10,000 towels

For orders over 100 units, discounts start at 30% and go up from there. 

We've worked with some of the largest companies for gifts for their clients and employees.

We are usually well stocked in all our most popular designs and can supply 1000s of units ready for immediate delivery. We ship worldwide and it’s free to most countries.

Get in touch with our Corporate Gifting team below and we’ll arrange a personalised order. 

tesalate towels

Customisation & Branded Towels

We can add your logo to both the towel and the pouch it comes in. 

We have experience producing custom gifts with short turn-around times. Customisation starts at 100 units and we have capacity up to tens of thousands of units.

Get in touch with our Corporate Gifting team below.

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