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A revolutionary new type of beach towel that's lightweight but large, super absorbent but quick drying, and totally sand-free. Sold in over 130 countries to more than 50,000 happy customers.


Sand free

AbsorbLite’s engineering allows for sand to slip off easily. So you leave the beach at the beach.


Ultra Absorbent

We mean ultra absorbant. This baby will retain up to a litre of water. The wetter you get, the better.



Engineered to dry in half the time than a regular towel. No more post-dip soggy towels!


Compact & light

No more bulky towels! Our towels are lightweight & roll into a compact size to fit into your tote.

See the Tesalate towel in action.

We receive thousands of 5-star reviews

"Love love LOVE! My favourite purchase at the year! So compact and handy for traveling"

"Awesome service and a great product! I love my new Tesalate Towel. The pattern is lovely and lived up to be its claims."

"Awesome towels! We have loved the quick drying, sand repelling towels! Love the bright colours and gettings lots of comments."

"Don't go traveling without one! This is the best invention to come out of Australia since Vegemite, Speed Bumps, and the Rotary Clothes Line."